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Lalith: Sri Lanka Travel Expert
Maeva: Sri Lanka Travel Expert

Born and raised in Cognac, France, I always dreamt of visiting new places. I started to explore the world at a very young age with my family, but I got seriously hooked on the travel bug during my experiences studying abroad, first in Vilnius, Lithuania, then in Adelaide, Southern Australia. I have never stopped moving since! After working in Galapagos, Greece, Dominican Republic and enjoying some free time in Bali, I am now happily based in Sri Lanka.

I love exploring this wonderful country, especially discovering the great variety of landscapes and wildlife all over the island. Sri Lankan cuisine is also full of surprises - all the different flavors will amaze your taste buds for sure! There are so many exciting things to see and do here, whatever you are looking for, Sri Lanka has it…”

Lalith: Sri Lanka Travel Expert
Chloé: Sri Lanka Travel Expert

Always staring at the sky, from a very young age I wanted to get on a plane and discover the world! After my first trips, I quickly decided to take the plunge and became a flight attendant. My experience abroad took me around several countries but a continent was still missing ... Asia ! Curious to discover its wonders, I chose Sri Lanka to put down my suitcases and it is with joy that I share with travellers my love for the country.

Sri Lanka offers a rich cultural heritage, a diversity of landscapes ranging from jungles to sandy beaches, abundant wildlife and the heart-warming welcome of its inhabitants. Watch whales, walk around the busy streets of Colombo, visit temples and ancient cities, observe elephants on a safari or surf, there is something for everyone!

Lalith: Sri Lanka Travel Expert
Lalith: Sri Lanka Travel Expert

I was born in Sri Lanka many decades ago. After my secondary education I joined the Sri Lanka Technical College, Colombo where I studied Tourism and worked as a German Lecturer for some time. In 1978 I got a part-time teaching job at the Goethe Institute, Colombo. I was trained as a German Language teacher in Germany and India. From 2002 till end of July 2012 I worked at the Embassy of Switzerland as Visa Officer, Civil Status Officer and Press Attaché. Since I have traveled to many countries, I enjoy my current job at Shanti Travel in Sri Lanka. I love sharing this tear drop shaped island with curious travellers who are looking for new experiences and charming encounters.

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