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Responsible Tourism

“Man did not weave the web of life he's merely a strand in it” Chief Seattle 1780 -1866. On that note we at Shanti Travel feel we have a responsibility as one of the leading tour operators in Sri Lanka to respect and take care of the environment around us hence we strongly advocate responsible tourism in all the places you visit. Consequently promotion of sustainable tourism in Sri Lanka, eco tourism has become one of the highlight of the project.

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Our vision of sustainable tourism

Nature is a treat that must be respected and preserved. The landscapes and populations (animal and human) that wait to beguile and enchant you must be left in the same state for the next visitor.

During our trips, we commit ourselves to respect the environment and cultures of the places we visit.

Sri Lankans are very hospitable and friendly, but do not forget that they come from a different culture and live by a different set of rules from westerners. We ask you to follow us and here are some simple but proven ways of avoiding leaving unwanted fingerprints in the paradises of the planet:

Do not wear clothes that are too tight or provocative in the countryside. - When visiting temples ladies should wear clothes that cover shoulders. - Topless sun bathing is frowned upon. - Always ask before taking pictures of locals, usually they will not mind, but good manners never hurt. - Refrain from littering.

Commitments of Shanti Travel

We have a commitment to our local providers. We assist them in training their teams according to our policy, remuneration and fair rates.

Commitment of Sri Lankan authorities

The development of a sustainable tourism policy is a government priority. Sri Lanka is a country where nature is important and must be preserved (12 national parks, 1340 km of coastline, an incredible flora and fauna and endemic species).

A project to develop sustainable tourism has been developed over 4 years, in association with the World Bank. The main objectives are:

Improve the effectiveness of the institutional structure by giving more power to the provinces. - Improve and develop local tourism and infrastructure in the eastern provinces. - Establish and develop a network of providers and stakeholders for sustainable tourism

The Ministry of Tourism launched a program in 2007 called "the lungs of the earth", aiming at reducing carbon emissions. The project is ambitious because it must involve both political parties to stop deforestation, prevent pollution and assist in the implementation of alternative energies. The target is to make Sri Lanka one of the world’s leading eco tourist destinations by 2018

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