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Our Accommodation In Sri Lanka

During your trip in Sri Lanka, make sure you enjoy that perfect place you are looking for, be it hotels offering great value for money or Sri Lanka luxury accommodation. You can choose from a wide variety of places to stay in Sri Lanka and accommodation choice ranges from eco lodges to luxury boutique hotels.



Sri Lanka Travel Sri Lanka Travel


Our featured guest houses are chosen for a variety of special reasons such as location and value for money. We have personally tested them and guarantee service and cleanliness. These guest houses also offer a certain charm with personalized service and excellent local cuisine. It is also an opportunity to meet the locals and experience Sri Lankan hospitality.


Small stylish wooden huts or cabins located near the beach or in the hills offer a bit more privacy and authenticity than staying at a hotel room. They offer a unique experience to your Sri Lankan holidays.

Hotel 2/3*

Two to three star classified hotels are actually small hotels that have about 40 rooms and provide comfortable accommodation with good facilities for travellers. They are usually located conveniently near the main tourist sites.


In Sri Lanka you usually refer to a large holiday home near the tea plantations as a bungalow. They are houses with several rooms, with a spectacular view of the mountains. Ideal for families, these bungalows are usually booked in their entirety rather than each room being rented out. They are often far from city centres and let you enjoy a better view of the surroundings.


Sri Lanka Travel Sri Lanka Travel

Small Hotels

Small establishments with 4 to 5 bedrooms decorated with stylish interior. They offer personalized service for guests and very good facilities for travelers.

Colonial Houses

The renovated colonial houses carry the old world charm with antique furniture, ceiling fans and wooden floors. They offer unique experiences to travelers with their history and heritage. Our colonial houses are located in Negombo, Colombo and Galle for the major.

Boutique Hotels

Small luxury hotels that offer all the comforts and amenities that one might expect from such a structure. Fine cuisine, attentive service, refined furniture ... in short, a warm atmosphere with architectural excellence.

Eco Lodge / Eco Resort

The Eco Lodges are hotels in line with nature. They are built in an eco friendly manner where guests are in close contact with the natural environment. Staying at an Eco Resort you enjoy unique experiences such as taking a shower in an open air bath room or sleeping in a mud hut.


Sri Lanka Travel Sri Lanka Travel

Luxury camping

Shanti Travel arranges for you luxury camping experience at any of the main national parks of the island. The camping experience comes with your own private luxury tent shower and even flushing toilets. You will be also provided services of a naturalist free of charge.

Colonial Mansions

Built in the 19th century most Colonial mansions are plantation bungalows or holiday homes of the affluent and the elite of the bygone colonial era. Today they are converted in to small luxury hotels offering real comfort and personalized service for guests.


This accommodation is selected by Shanti Travel for their originality, scenic location, unique interior decoration, charm or values of responsible tourism.

Deluxe hotels

Luxury hotels that provide 5 stars hotels comforts and services that match the international standards. All our featured deluxe hotels offers multi cuisine restaurants, free Wi-Fi in the rooms and are located in some of the most spectacular locations of the island.

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